A Second Opinion from God

I am a 63 year old psychologist who has been given up for dead numerous times in my life from age 6 months to age 62; yet here I sit, in a beautiful house in Palm Springs fulfilling my passion of writing, with amazing people in my life, very happy and fulfilled.  It has not been an easy road these 63 years.  This blog will refer to some of those challenges in my life, along with the ways I have learned through trial and error, education, meditation, and the love of family and friends to overcome these challenges and live a happy, active life of passion.

While in Santa Fe visiting my dear friends Dr. Joan Borysenko and Dr. Gordon Dveirin recently they were marveling at the phenomena of the many instances of my overcoming a death sentence by doctors.  They jokingly remarked that I should always just get a second opinion . . . from God.

This blog will address the spiritual aspects of my journey as well.

So, stay tuned.  You will learn how my personal journey has led me to a life of happiness, despite many challenges.


Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.

2 thoughts on “A Second Opinion from God

  1. Thank you for sharing your, first hand, knowledgeable insight and help with the rest of us, who have been in need of intelligent understanding from someone who really understands! I am looking forward to many more of your messages. Thank You, Sue Udell


    1. Dr. Knippers, This word of inspiration, I will need to read every morning! As you well know, some of us have a hard time even getting out of bed. With your message in mind, it gives us a joyful reason to go through the day with great purpose, giving us a reason for being here, no matter what. Thank you, again! Sue Udell


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