Finding Purpose in Your Life

Human beings are wired to seek purpose in their existence; yet when you have a chronic disease that takes up so much of your focus in life, you begin to wonder what it’s all about.  We often wonder: What could possibly be the purpose in having this illness?  Is it worth the effort just to try to survive?  Why Me?

I have learned an amazing truth about people’s struggles and challenges.  No matter what challenge you are facing in your life, you are adding a positive energy to the world, simply by your efforts every day to continue to live and spread anything positive that you can in the world.

Research by Dr. Elaine Hatfield at the University of Hawaii has shown that when an angry person is placed in a room with a happy person for several minutes without speaking or looking at each other, that the angry person leaves the room reporting feeling a little happier, and the happy person leaves feeling a little angry.  Even your unspoken moods are contagious.

There are quite enough people adding negative energy to the world through their anger and resentment.  Be a force for positivity.

Think what you must be adding to the atmosphere around you by your positive efforts at generating your own life!  Keep up the effort to fight your disease, keep up the effort to enjoy and be grateful for whatever you have in life.  Spread as much love and hope as you can to everyone (even the grouches); and you will remain a positive vital force for the good in the world, no matter what you are going through.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share your feelings and struggles with trusted freinds and family; but just don’t make a habit of focusing on the negatives, and feeling like a “victim” of a disease.  You are really a force for good and for healing.  You have much to offer just from your existance in the world.

Keep facing the challenges every day, share your feelings, listen to others who are struggling, have hope, do something every day to pursue your passion in life, and be grateful.  You are worth every bit of effort.


6 thoughts on “Finding Purpose in Your Life

  1. Dr Knippers, your words of life experience overcoming and wisdom are such an inspiration to me! I look forward with great anticipation to reading more from you! Thank you for sharing!
    Cindy D. Hecker


      1. There should be a widget that you add that sits on the side of the screen so that followers can sign up. Interesting that you have some without that!


  2. Hey, I just found a little thingie in the lower left corner of the screen that gave me the choice to follow your site by entering the URL. Possibly this is for your fellow wordpress people only? Could be. At any rate, it’s official: I’m a Follower!


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