Thoughts: A Powerful Antidote

Since the beginning of time the seekers of wisdom discovered that thoughts can be a powerful influence in shaping your destiny.  There are philosophies dating back thousands of years that talk about the power of the thought, there are psychotherapies (research has shown to be the most highly effective), and even religions based upon this principle.

Your thoughts are a force to be reckoned with; so make sure you are paying attention to what is whirling around in your mind.  Really pay attention to what you think about yourself, your circumstances, the world (and society) in general, and what you believe about a Higher Power/God.  These thoughts will have a very powerful influence in shaping your emotions, your behaviors, and in turn your destiny.  This is not a mystical “new age” idea.  It is simply a scientific fact.  Research shows that your thoughts actually create chemicals in your body and brain that can either be beneficial or destructive.  Harness that power.

Start by paying close attention to the negative things that you think about yourself, your life and the world around you.  These negative thoughts will create some form of fear, anxiety, depression, anger, shame or guilt, etc.  These emotional states will produce chemical responses in your body and brain that will weaken your immune system, and will weaken your emotional strength to fight disease.  You will eventually give up hope of anything good in life, if you let negativity rule your thoughts; or if you listen to the negative people in life (they are in journalistic media, social media, they might be your friends/family).  You can turn those thoughts around to more realistic thoughts.

Remember, fighting negativity with negativity creates more negativity in the your life and in the world.  We must fight negativity with hope, confidence, and all the forces of good.

Modern science tells us that thinking thoughts that generate a sense of hope, faith in something good coming from your life, peace, joy, purpose, and faith in a power greater than yourself will create chemicals in your body that strengthen your immune system, and generate neurotransmitters in your brain that tap into positive emotional states.  Your behaviors will reflect these healthier states, and will lead you to healthier, more empowered choices in your life.

This is not to say that you should be in denial of the disease.  You have to take care of yourself medically, and follow sound medical advice.  However, you also need to stay open to the possibility of what has come to be called “miracles.”  I have also found that the concept of “surrender” (accepting the fact that no one really knows what will happen in their life from one day to the next) is a good place to be in my general orientation to life.      (In my personal case, that surrender is backed up by a strong faith that there is a Higher Power outside of myself that is guiding my life.  But, that is just based on my personal experience.)

This article is also not supporting the idea that if you wish hard enough, you can make something happen.  “The most common misconception about the secret of life is this: When you set your intention and decide what you want, you can control the universe – or at least your little corner of it – and find happiness” (Joan Borysenko and Gordon Dveirin, YOUR SOUL’S COMPASS, Hay House Pub.).  This is where the concept of surrender comes in.  While we can control our thoughts, emotions, and actions, all of which can lead to good things in our lives, we cannot control other people and what they may or may not do. You can control your responses to them.

Your thoughts are powerful.  Make sure you are thinking thoughts that generate hope, peace, compassion, and joy.  Your body, your emotions, and your behaviors will respond to those states of being in very powerful ways that may surprise  you, your friends/family, and your medical team.  My body, emotions, behaviors, friends/family, and medical teams are living proof of that.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D., June 1, 2016

4 thoughts on “Thoughts: A Powerful Antidote

  1. Chris, what powerful life transforming counsel in your words today!
    I have learned in the past four years the results in my life of fear filled thoughts. The previous years were exactly the opposite. I have always been accessed by friends and family, no matter my present circumstances as one who was able to “play the glad game”, see the light shine out of the darkness, and have a song in my heart; for I too believe in a “Higher Power/a good loving God! I had the blessing of a very healthy physical body and joy! Due to an injury and results in my body and life from that, the past four years regarding my thoughts have been the opposite. Consequently the results in my life have not been joyful! Thank you thank you for these life changing words of wisdom and truth! I look forward to more!


  2. Dr. Knippers, Again I have to thank you for a message that needs to become a part of my very being, for all of my life here on this planet. Sue Udell

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