In continuing to explore the teachings of the ancient healers of Hawaii (prior to 750 AD), it is discovered that they were actually very sophisticated and knowledgable about the integration of the mind, body, and spirit.  These ancient healers were aware especially of the different levels of consciousness , and their essential role in healing.

The unconscious mind, the conscious mind, and the higher conscious mind must be fully developed to experience healing.  Most people in our 21st Century US culture are aware only of the conscious mind, and its concerns with the physical body and the pursuit of the material.  The ancient Hawaiians knew that they must also experience what is contained in the unconscious mind as well as what they knew to be a higher consciousness (what we would call the spiritual realm of our being).

To interpret that into our understanding, we must learn how our unconscious mind (values, beliefs, and experiences from our past) influence us every day, and to become aware of how to reinterpret our lives and modify our beliefs according to our current experiences and knowledge.  As just one example, a traumatic event from early childhood might have established a firmy held belief in an individual that other people cannot be trusted, so that individual is overly cautious and does not take any risks.  This can stunt their growth as a person.  They must become aware of this belief, and counteract it with a new belief that is more correct; and find ways of learning whom to trust whom not to trust.  A thorough exploration of the unconscious mind can be a lengthy involved process; but it releases us from our past baggage, and it is extremely healing.

Developing the higher consciousness is learning to pay attention to how things like intuition work in our lives, how to pay attention to intuition, and then act on it.  For many of us, we also know that a Higher Power can give us knowledge or direction.  We need to learn to recognize it, pay attention to it, and act on it.  Many people receive this knowledge during or even days after meditation, or prayer.

When all of these aspects of consciousness are more integrated we can experience more healing in mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  Healing is a process, and tends to evolve over time.

Become aware of your different aspects of consciousness, then be patient with yourself as you begin to integrate your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

May you experience more and more healing in every aspect of your life.


Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                                    October 19, 2016

One thought on “More Secrets of Paradise

  1. Thanks for the reminder that we often ignore the most healing of all treatments – the power we all have within us if we just connect with it.


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