“What I am looking for is not ‘out there’; It is within me.”  (Helen Keller)

Helen Keller was “whole.”  She was blind and deaf, yet was whole within herself; and as a result accomplished great things in this world, becoming an inspiration to the whole world in her life and long after.  She was one of the many people who recognized the true definition of wholeness.  There are countless examples of people at whom we might look as “disabled,” yet who are anything but disabled in their ability to live a whole and completely fulfilling life.

Wholeness is defined as, “The quality or state of being without restriction, exception, or qualification.”  (Merriam Webster)  You are without restriction, exception, or qualification.  You do not need to feel “less-than” due to a chronic illness or other challenge in your life; because you are without exception.  You are whole.

There are two basic levels of reality.  One, is the level of External Consciousness: That which we see on the outside (the external environment, our external perceptions of self, what others see and say about us and life, winners, losers, wars, who is president, etc.).  Then there is Subjective Consciousness: That which we know at our deepest, most spiritually in-touch level to be the truth.  The “truth” of who and what You are is the most important truth to know; but also the truth about who and what is really in control of your life, is also vital truth.

Instead of me telling you who I am in spite of medical reports and others’ opinions; and instead of me telling you who and what I think is really in control of this world, I will simply urge you to meditate on who and what you truly are; and who and what is in control.  You will see and experience some amazing things as you quietly reflect on these questions: “WHO AM I?”  “WHAT AM I?”  WHO AND WHAT IS IN CONTROL OF LIFE?”

I will tell you this much about myself: I do not worry about earthquakes; I do not worry about medical reports; I do not worry about the economy; I do not worry about who is president.  I know that I am whole.  I know that a power greater than myself is in control.  I am happy and secure.

You are who and what you were created to be.  Everything in your life is working together for good.  You are whole.


Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                                    November 9, 2016

4 thoughts on “You Are Whole

  1. You are so very right. We do need to go to our ” Soul ” level and ask the One who made us, what His thoughts were as He gave us everything inside ourselves to make a purposeful and large footprint in this world and all that we come in contact with on our journey. No one is without a Divine Purpose in this life! However, we also, can make the choice to fulfill it or not. I think that I may have some homework to do with my Creator. Thank you, Dr. Knippers

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  2. I’m wondering whether the experience of wholeness — and peace — is a fluctuating thing. I find it necessary to forgive myself if I’m not ALWAYS feeling whole. Often. I’ve finally given up thinking others can “do it,” but I’m a failure because sometimes I fail. Helen Keller or bust! But maybe she fluctuated, too? Maybe monks on mountaintops can maintain that level of wholeness? (Or maybe not?) I sink back and rise up and sink back and rise up again. It’s taken 74 years, but I’m finally beginning to feel okay with that. And I suspect THAT is my true wholeness, imperfect and unpredictable and resilient.

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