Everyone questions their purpose in life from time to time.  We sometimes ask ourselves why we are here, especially when we encounter challenges to our very existence.  The Christmas season seems to be a time of heightened introspection, self-reflection; and for many, a time of varying degrees of existential crisis.

One thing I have learned in my lifetime of getting up each morning to face new challenges, some daunting, is that every day that I am given to be a part of the material universe is a day in which I have a responsibility to represent the Life Force that allows me to be part of this existence.  It might be to simply practice patience, or to send positive thoughts to an individual, or to pray, or to smile at a stranger, or to speak to someone who  is alone.  But, then again, it might be to disarm a nuclear bomb.  (To be honest, I have a hard time changing a light bulb . . . no, seriously.)  You just never know.

We all do have a responsibility to the universe, no matter what our situation, no matter what our talents (and we do all have some), no matter what our means, as long as we have been given life.

Look each day for ways in which you can fulfill your responsibility to life, even if it appears to be a “small” way (in actuality, there are no small ways).  Your smile might spare the life of a stranger who had given up, and was just looking for some small sign of encouragement.  Your call to an old friend might start a revolution.  There are many needs in this world which you can help fill.  Step up with pride and fulfill your responsibility.

And, remember to be responsible to the one who matters most: You.  Make sure you are doing all that you can to fill your own needs, so that you can come from a place of strength in helping others and the environment.  In your quiet times or meditation, seek to know how you can make a difference in life.

You are an important part of the plan, and you receive the power to play that role from a Higher Power.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                              December 7, 2016

2 thoughts on “Your Responsibility

  1. If everyone thought about what they could give, in a positive way, each day of their life, this world would be an incredible place to live! Plus we as individuals, doing the giving, would be blessed every day of our lives.Thank You, Dr. Knippers

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  2. I have days of looking at my life and feel sadness as I look back to things I didn’t accomplish without. Then someone reminds me that, through the young people I have worked with, I have accomplished a great many things.

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