MaintaIning a sense of joy and hope is powerful.  Being joyful in the face of suffering, either our own or others’, can be extremely challenging.  However, I have discovered that it is well worth the effort to maintain a sense of joy, even when things look grim.

I discovered this fact many years ago when reading a passage from a collection of ancient spiritual readings called Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood (Mary Strong, Harper and Row Publishers).  Here is the inspired passage of truth:

“The kingdom of heaven is happiness because those who have found it and abide in it have become aware of the beauty of the infinite Spirit.  Those who live in that kingdom know that everything must be met and challenged with a shout;  challenge everything with the Spirit of joy.  This may seem a hard saying for it seems to leave out pity. No, the lifting quality of confidence, of faith in ultimate victory heals, sustains, and comforts those in darkness and sorrow.  The secret is — and this is what you are here for — to find the pearl of great price, to keep from losing it, from letting it grow dull and to remember that it has the power to release you from those characteristics which have held you a prisoner in your own limitations.  This is being on the side of the angels.”

We can be released from whatever has held us back (usually, the limitations brought on by our own characteristics of which we have been unaware).  We and others can experience ultimate victory over challenges through our efforts at maintaining joy, hope, and faith.

By being joyful, it is as if you are cultivating and releasing the power of healing and triumph into the Universe.  Certainly, our fears and resentments are releasing an opposite power.

Make it a focus in your life to maintain a sense of joy, hope, and faith in ultimate victory for yourself and others.  You will cultivate and release healing energy into your own life and into the Universe, and you will see the results.

May you have ultimate victory in your life, and be always on the side of the angels.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                                December 21, 20016

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