“You have purposefully trained to increase your capacity to produce brilliant results.”                           (Holiday Mathis)

You have persevered through very difficult challenges in your health and in other areas of your life.  Sometimes it seems like there is no purpose to it; and it is easy to be tempted to just give up, or to be bitter.  But, in your choosing to continue going, even when it seems like there is no reason to keep going, or when you get tired of not seeing the results you wanted or expected or hoped for, you have purposefully chosen to train to increase your capacity to produce brilliant results in your life and/or in this world.

“Training” is seldom fun.  Living in the desert in the winter and at the beach in the summer, I often see people who are training for a marathon or some other event.  I see them out there running down the beach in a beautiful world all around them with the most pained expression on their faces almost like they are being tortured.  So, I say, “That’s the reason I don’t run.  When it starts looking like those people are having a good time, I will consider it.”  Of course, that is exactly why I will never win or even be able to enter a marathon, or maybe even a cake walk.

If we want the prize, or the thrill of entering the race, we have to train.  No, I am not advocating running (Heaven forbid).  I am advocating staying in training to fulfill your purpose and passion.  In the process, you are increasing your “capacity” to produce brilliant results; which for me means that you can go beyond what you had ever dreamed or even hoped for.

Sometimes it really is rough.  You can complain all you want (Really, it’s okay).  But, whether you choose to do some healthy complaining to a good listener or not, please do stay in there and keep training.  If not for yourself, then for all of those who will gain from your brilliant results.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                          March 22, 2017

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