Deep within you is a divine spark that can become the unconquerable human spirit.  And that flame is the Power in the Universe that created you.  In some it burns brightly, in others it is barely distinguishable; but it always burns . . . and with love and acceptance it gets higher and brighter.  We can help others kindle this flame by seeing the good in them, even though they don’t see it in themselves.     (From Gnostic, Jewish, Christian, and other spiritual teachings)

Many of us describe ourselves as “spiritual” in our beliefs and in our approach to coping with chronic illness; but spiritual is often ill-defined.  The philosophy expressed above has given me a tangible definition of spirituality.  I have found that focusing on this “divine spark” that I do believe resides within us, helps me to not only avoid focusing on my symptoms, but has helped me to actually overcome them.

When I realize that there is the wisdom, power, and love of my Creator residing within me, it is comforting and empowering.  I begin to realize more of my potential to overcome adversity and to express more of my purpose in life.

The last part of that philosophy above is also important to remember.  We can help other people realize the spark in them by seeing the best in them instead of judging and criticising them.  We also need to be aware that the people with whom we tend to spend most of our time can have an effect on whether or not we find the divine spark within ourselves.  Avoid people who judge and criticise.  Avoid judging and criticising yourself.

Wisdom, power, and love is the expression of the divine spark in you.  Nurture the divine spark in you through focusing your attention on it; and realize that you will find the expression of wisdom, power, and love growing in your own life.  It is a matter of where you turn your attention: To the chaos around you (and sometimes within); or to the Divine Spark within you.  Choose wisdom, power, and love.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                                  July 5, 2017

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