What you focus on becomes your reality.     (from cognitive psychology, and spiritual teachings of numerous faiths for millenia)

Confidence is a quality that most anyone greatly desires, but yet confidence can be illusive.  Many people have something about themselves or about life, about which they are insecure.  Certainly, a chronic illness can put a damper on confidence.

In 1907, the great physician/psychologist Dr. Alfred Adler identified the condition of “organ inferiority” in people who had chronic illness, and the fact that this organ inferiority affected their personality and their approach to life.  Organ inferiority is a condition that causes people with chronic illness to have a deep sense (often unconscious) of inferiority due to the dysfunction of their body.

We can overcome this sense of inferiority by: (a) identifying it; (b) Adjusting our thoughts to realize our value despite the illness; (c) Focussing on our strengths; (d) And focussing on the reality of the possibilities in life that do indeed exist for us.

My life has been transformed by focussing on all of the miracles that have occurred for me through the years, rather than focussing on the traumas that preceded the miracles.  I also focus on miraculous occurrences in other people’s lives throughout time.  This new focus has given me a deep sense of confidence that a power does exist in the universe which can help us overcome anything; and this focus has helped me appreciate my own role in overcoming the problems that have frequently presented in my life.  This type of confidence has produced a sense of humility that was not characteristic for me, earlier in my life.  I accept my life as it is and as it is not; and I know that it is all good.  Situations around me may be ever-changing, people around me may be upset (even with me), and situations in my own life may not be ideal; but I stay centered in the knowledge that all things are possible, and that a Power greater than myself is giving me the knowledge that I need to deal with whatever is happening around me.  There is a core identity on which I remain focussed; and I embrace that identity.  This calm peaceful approach to life has given me much more energy and confidence to deal with life, and its ups and downs.

This state of confidence makes healing and vitality significantly more likely, since it eliminates stress which is one of the greatest triggers for illness of all types, and which hinders healing.  By cultivating confidence in your life, you are creating the perfect conditions within yourself for healing and vitality to take hold.

Realize your true value and your true nature; and realize the Power that is in your favor.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                         July 12, 2017



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