In seeking Happiness for others, you find it in yourself.         (anonymous)

The world’s problems are truly overwhelming.  One can often think, “There is nothing I can do.”  So, then they do nothing.  Trying to help with any of the world’s problems can seem like trying to bail out a sinking boat with a tea-spoon. When we think of how our “small” efforts might affect the word’s problems it might seem useless; especially when we are in the midst of trying to deal with our own overwhelming problems.  “How can someone like Me help Anyone?!”

The answer is actually quite simple: Every time you even try to brighten someone’s day, there is a ripple effect in the universe that spreads light and joy and hope in the world.  Scientific studies do show tangible evidence that your intent to spread joy actually causes the elements such as water to respond to your thoughts by altering their molecular composition.  Sounds like hocus pocus, or even delusional thinking; but it is absolutely a scientific fact.  (Please read the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto.)   Therefore, when you intentionally try to help someone else experience happiness, your efforts are helping not only that person, but also the world around you.  Your intentions spread.

Something as simple as a smile, or a compliment, or coins for a parking meter can change someone’s life and can give them enough hope to find what they are seeking in their own life.  Hope can go a long way in advancing someone’s life; and they in turn can go on to help others.

It might be best to start spreading joy with people who appear more open to your kind gesture or smile; then you can progress to the real challenging work of trying to spread a little happiness to those who appear angry, anxious, or sad.  These are the people who need it the most; and in some cases they will not return the smile or show any form of appreciation for your kind efforts (even for parking meter money).  Spreading joy does have immense rewards, and some of those might be harmonious relationships with those whom you are trying to help.  However, if immediate positive feedback is what you are seeking, you will be disappointed at times.  The effects are often unseen; but they are nonetheless very real.  Your life will change for the better, in the long run.

Happiness and hope are infectious.  Start spreading a little of those things today in any way that you can, and feel your own happiness start to increase.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                                          August 9, 2017




2 thoughts on “The Way to Happiness

  1. Dr Knippers your words of truth and wisdom have brought joy to me this day!!! Yes and amen to all you have shared! Thank you for blessing me today!!!


  2. Thank you, for brightening my day with this truth. Practicing your words, will lift us as well as everyone we meet, whether we can instantly see it or not. It is a truth, as well as a fact of life.


    On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 10:35 AM, copingwithchronicdisease wrote:

    > copingwithchronicdisease posted: “In seeking Happiness for others, you > find it in yourself. (anonymous) The world’s problems are truly > overwhelming. One can often think, “There is nothing I can do.” So, then > they do nothing. Trying to help with any of the world’s problems can ” >


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