I asked for feedback from readers on a philosophy or belief or practice that inspires them in their challenges in life.  Here are some profound results.  Thank you, to each of the following people for sharing, and for passing along your inspiration to other readers.

One Step at a TimeShearly Chambless:     Shearly is inspired by the story of a 5-year-old boy with his grandmother, both facing the daunting task of climbing a very high steep flight of stairs to where they must go.  The boy asked, “Grandma, how are we going to get to the top?”  She replied, “One step at a time.”  Shearly remembered this story at a time when she was going through cancer treatments and surgeries, yet was trying to maintain her career in social work.  She would begin to feel defeated, like she could not keep going on; but then would hear the words, “One step at a time.”  And, she made it through to success in her health and in her career.

Refreshing Paws  —  Christopher West:     Christopher maintains a very joyful attitude in his life, and a great sense of humor in his perspectives on life (my personal experience with him).  His inspiration for dealing with life’s challenges, whether in relationships or work, comes from taking 10 minutes each day to pray and meditate, often while holding his dog Ruthie’s paw.

Other People’s Courage  —  Bruce Stout:     Seeing the courage that other people display in their lives when facing difficult circumstances greatly inspires and motivates Bruce; especially the courage that some young people show in facing a difficult life.            (This is a way that all of us with chronic illness can have a sense of contributing to the greater good in the world:  Be courageous in facing your challenges.  In other words, “Feel the Fear,and Move Forward with your life, anyway.”  Better yet, try this next suggestion for dealing with fear.)

Press “Delete”  —  Cindy Hecker:     Cindy spent her entire life as a happy healthy girl and woman, despite many difficult challenges in her life.  She simply did not feel anxiety or depression, even though her siblings both wrestled with those conditions since their early childhood (they thought Cindy was just crazy, or at least in denial).  In rejection or other setbacks she simply moved forward with a joyful attitude; until one day she experienced a very painful injury which left her greatly disabled for years.  Fear began to dominate her life.  She was anxious all the time.  Recently, she had the revelation that she was an “addict.”  She had become addicted to fear.  She asked God for a way to overcome her addiction.  It concurred to her to simply “delete” any thoughts of fear when they first appeared.  It worked!  She is experiencing freedom from fear and much of the pain she was experiencing.  She now imagines pressing “Delete” in her mind whenever a fearful or anxious thought occurs to her, and becomes joyful, again.  Her physical pain also abated.  She can be herself again, and enjoy her paradise in Hawaii.

Faith in God, Listening to God, Relationships with Friends/Family   Sue Udell:     With a strong faith in God and a sense of love from a higher source, Sue has overcome many life-threatening conditions, as well as losses throughout her entire, long life.  She spends time each day just relaxing and “listening” for God’s guidance, which does come to her through thoughts, emotions, a sense of peace, and through unexpected occurrences in her day (serendipity).  She often seeks God on walks in nature.   Her relationships with friends and family give her strength and support.  In her 70’s with several chronic illnesses, Sue lives independently and happily in a beautiful beach community.  Sue is a true miracle.


Find Your Inspiration!

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                                    August 23, 2017



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