This is actually a fairly prosaic personal journal entry; but I’m posting it for all the world to see, just in case anyone can relate to it or gain a little insight into their own lives:

The Cave

            A Glimpse Into the Psyche of Dr. Cecil Christopher Knippers II

                                        (Enter at your own risk)

I recently heard that oft-repeated analogy of how our lives can can seem like we are a caterpillar crawling on the ground dreaming of being a butterfly, then finding itself suddenly in the dark, isolated, and unable to move; but then one day gloriously finding itself flying through the air on beautiful wings. It always triggers some insight into my own life whenever I hear it in a minister’s or motivational speaker’s talk. But, this time it did not seem to fit, although I kind of wanted it to. I am actually happy and feel secure (although most people would probably find many reasons in my life to talk me out of feeling happy and secure). Faith hope and gratitude are very strong in my life.

I realized that the analogy which more accurately applies to me is that of being in a cave.

My hillside cave is safe, comfortable, and I have a wonderful companion with me. My cave has a beautiful expansive view of the valley below. I can see lush forests, harsh craggy rocky deserts, tribes of people who seem happy, tribes of people who seem fearful and angry (I can sometimes hear their loud shouts; I think they are mad at their leader). Then, there are some lonely ones wandering around by themselves just outside of the tribes. Some others appear to be actually suffering. I do write messages to the people in the valley below, and toss them down through the air hoping that they will reach whomever needs that message. At times I think I should try to scale down the hill and meet with these people, or at least explore that amazing valley; but I always end up being content with sitting on the narrow ledge in front of my cave admiring the view, or occasionally climbing the narrow pathway that leads to just above my my cave. Then I go back into the safety of my cave, being grateful for what I have.

I know this could be judged as being somehow a bad thing. I have been told repeatedly throughout my life by a variety of hundreds of people that I am gifted, a healer, an inspiration, etc. (almost no one has acknowledged the flaws of which I am keenly aware). So, I occasionally think, “Maybe you should put yourself out there more, and do some good in the world.”

I confidently believe that I am doing exactly what I need to be doing at this point in my life; and that if/when it is the right time, someone or something is going to show up to give me the opportunity to do something outside of this comfort zone, as has happened many times in my life. I will either choose to take that opportunity or not. In the mean time I will continue being hopeful, grateful, and having faith that my regular meditations and  prayers for guidance are being answered.


I know that some of my relatives who read this will pray for me; some of my friends will avoid me; others might try to organize a rescue mission to come get me. Whatever you do, please don’t send the men in white coats with a syringe of Thorazine.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.,    June 27, 2019

2 thoughts on “The Cave

  1. Dr Knippers I totally hear your heart re “the cave” and understand it as well! My thinking is when a person has true peace that is the confirmation they are in the exact “place” they are designed to be at the present time in their life!

    Thank you as usual, for sharing from your true heart! Refreshing for sure!!!!!


  2. Dear Dr. Knippers, Again you have shared your soul, for us to be able to grasp more wisdom, knowledge, and insight into where most of us dwell, much of our lives, when we can rest in our faith that God has us where is best for this time. He is good and where we are is also. Thank you again, Sue Udell


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