Coping With Crisis

                                                   Coping in a Crisis

                                             Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.

With the threat of a mysterious virus looming over the world, and with the added burdens of financial crisis for some and a loss of life purpose for others there is a rare type of stress in the world consciousness at present. Stress can permeate the very atmosphere of the world when millions of minds are focussed on crisis. Even the healthy person with financial security and purposeful activity is affected by what is in the general consciousness of the population all around them. That much stress in a society (in this case the entire world) has a profound effect on everyone’s mind and body, no matter what that person’s personal situation. So everyone is dealing with some significant level of internal if not external stress. Some people more than others. It is important for you to protect yourself from the ravages of this atmospheric stress. Further, it is most important to be a force of hope and calm as much as possible.

I am no financial expert, and presently no one has the exact medical remedy for the virus that threatens the world; however a large part of our personal battles have to do with our perspectives and attitudes which are even key factors in boosting our immune system (both physical and mental Immune systems). I do have a great deal of training, personal experience, and expertise in how to have healthy perspectives and attitudes to help us through this crisis with which we are all having to deal right now. 

I have witnessed and experienced some miraculous positive results from the practice of some key principles in overcoming a time of crisis.  Here are some verified effective steps you can take to increase your ability to remain as healthy as you can be at this point:

  1. Remember your past experiences in dealing with crisis. Most adults over 30 have faced times when they saw no way out of a crisis, but they made it somehow. Remember those times and know that you can make it out of this crisis, also. You don’t have to see the answer now, just know that there are answers and solutions that can help you; then be determined to have faith that you will find those answers or that those solutions will find you.
  2. Talk to someone you trust about your feelings. Talk to someone who will listen, and who will not be a negative influence. No one needs to be a Suzy Sunshine right now, but at least avoid gloom and doom conversations about all the negative things that could possibly happen. 
  3. Maintain messages of Hope in your mind. Repeat affirmations. For example: “I will get through this.” “All is working out well.” “There are solutions.”                                                          Be careful what you allow your mind to be filled with. The media can sensationalize the negative. Be careful how much of this you absorb. While we all want to be well-informed, don’t make this crisis the main thing you focus on. Focus on hope.
  4. Make sure you practice your own spiritual principles of comfort, hope and power. If you don’t have a current belief system, certainly explore a spiritual philosophy that you can practice. You may know someone who has spiritual practices that work well for them. Seek them out. Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that people who have faith in a Higher Power are significantly more resilient in a crisis than those of little faith. It is during times of crisis that are not explained in current scientific knowledge that Faith becomes so extremely useful.
  5. Meditate. Sit quietly for at least 10 minutes a day, take some deep slow breaths while telling yourself that you are relaxed. Notice the muscles of your body relaxing from head to toe. Picture a peaceful place in detail, and continue telling yourself a positive affirmation such as “All is well.” You can do this throughout the day at intervals as often as you wish. Your body and your mind will be significantly healthier. You immune system will strengthen with every meditation session.

      Nature can be a meditation. Focus on the beauty and wonder of nature.

  1. Boost your immune system. Large doses of vitamin C, the B vitamins, and vitamin D (immune system boosting formulas can be purchased over the counter) help boost your immune system. Exercise is also an immune system booster. With daily meditation, exercise, a healthy diet, and vitamin supplementation, you will boost you immune system. Avoid the immune system suppressants such as alcohol, negative thinking, inactivity.
  2. Maintain healthy supportive relationships. Reach out in any way possible to the important people in your life. If you have become strained in family or friend relationships, reach out anyway. Be kind in any “physically distant” encounters you may have by giving a smile and a hello.

      In practicing healthy attitudes and perspectives in life, you will be a dynamic force of healing in the world by the mental and spiritual energy that you are adding to the atmosphere of the universe. Remember that your thoughts and attitudes travel through the universe much like electrical energy that other people receive. (This is actually proven in scientific labs.) The solution does exist, and the more you add hope and confidence to the general mood of the universe, the closer we will be to finding victory over crisis.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.               April 11, 2020

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