The Privileged Ones

                                              Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.

If you are surviving a life-threatening illness (or some other dire circumstance in life), you are one of the privileged ones. We who keep surviving, many of us joyfully, through great challenges are tapping into a power in the universe which many people never get to experience. Having that power surrounding and flowing through our lives is a rare privilege.

Though many years ago I adjusted to and accepted my lifetime of numerous life-threatening physical challenges, I naturally questioned why I had to go through this 67 years of struggle with conditions that could snuff out my happy life at any second. One day this past year I was meditating and spontaneously the thought, “Thank you for my amazing life,”came into my consciousness. It was a thought that just occurred through no effort of my own to be “positive” or grateful. It was a spontaneous thought. Ever since then I have been genuinely grateful for the totality of the 67 years of struggle, pain, and remarkable miraculous recoveries that I have experienced in finding ways to overcome or at least survive the harsh challenges that have occurred throughout my life despite having lived a temperate (healthy) life style my entire life.

To be fair, I must admit that my loving family provided a life that was privileged in many other ways as well. Their faith was tenaciously strong, I did live in exotic locales with their support, and life-enhancing experiences like travel and education.  At the same time, we all know that all the beauty in life can seem unfulfilling and like a mockery when you are struggling to survive in even the most beautiful circumstances. Yet, the power that has been sustaining me has kept me experiencing life on a different plane than those around me who experienced the same and even more privileges without any struggles. 

If you are struggling, surviving, and still at least somewhat joyful, you are experiencing a privilege like no other. A rare power flows in, around, and through you. The power that flows to and through you is also flowing through you to other people in the world. You are contributing to Hope (a most valuable quality, right now) in the universal consciousness. You can transmit power, hope and healing to others who  may be struggling with something, just by your showing up and living every day.

Demonstrate to others the power that heals, sustains and comforts those who are in darkness and sorrow. Live very day of your life grateful . . . joyful.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.,              August 9, 2020

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