Life According to Kelani

I am a 9 month old Havanese (like a Bichon Frise with straight hair).  My dad asked me to dictate a blog to him today because he thinks I have some healthy perspectives on life; so he will type and I will dictate.  He fancies himself as a writer/psychologist, and I suppose he has had Some successes; but he is certainly no Hemingway.  Anyway, I will share with you my perspectives on life in this blog, and he thinks it might help some people who have to deal with chronic illness.  I hope it helps.

  1. I Live to Love:  The one thing that I exist for is to love people as intensely as I can in the time that I have on earth (they say, about 16 years . . . whatever).  So I let everyone I meet (whom I like) know that I love them beyond a shadow of a doubt.  I do this by wagging my tail and running up to them.  My dad has tried this, and it got him in some pretty awkward situations; but you can try your own way of communicating your love or appreciation for people.  Just do it in Some way!
  2. Be Enthusiastic:  One of the things that Dad and other people love most about me is that I am always enthusiastic.  Sure, I have limited control of my life; after all, I am just a little dog, but I don’t care.  I just run and play, and love all day long with a smile; even when Dad is mad at me for something like stealing his socks.
  3. Don’t Judge by Appearance:  Dad gets nervous and tries to pull me back when I run up to certain people when we are out walking around the city; but he really doesn’t have to worry.  I know who people really are by what I am seeing on their inside.  Dad looks too much at people’s appearance on the surface (and He’s the “psychologist”).  I can see their soul.  So I just cheer up even the old ady who sits on the curb downtown in a shabby dress.  Every time I run up to her she goes from looking like she’s about to cry, to beaming a bright smile and chuckling, showing off her missing teeth.  She stays happy all day from that greeting, she says.                                                              Try to look below the surface, and be kind to everyone.  You can brighten their life.
  4. If at First You Don’t Succeed, Move On:  I try to get my way, just like everyone else does; but Dad often has other ideas about what I should and should not do.  He says that’s just the way life is.  When I try to do something, and he says, “No!”, I don’t push the issue, even when I know I am right.  I just move onto the next toy, or go out on the balcony and look for birds, or take a little nap.  Life is too short to waste your time trying to control the things you can’t control; and it’s too full of wonder and possibilities, not to move on when one path is blocked.
  5. Play is Important:  I have an important place in life.  Not only am I here to Unconditionally love as much as possible, I am here to remind people of the importance of play.  Play is not only Fun, it is very healing.  It makes you happier, which makes you healthier.  Dad says it even causes certain healing chemicals to flow in your body, and increases the flow of what he calls “feel-good neurons” (whatever That is).  (He tries so hard to impress with his words, sometimes).
  6. Take Naps:  All of this unconditional loving, enthusiasm, and playing can really take it out of you.  In order to be really effective at these things you need plenty of rest.  Most people are going around in a fog, and don’t even realize it.  Pay attention to your body, and just let it rest!
  7. Your Presence is Healing:  Dad leaves for several hours (seems like days to me), 3 days a week; then comes home seeming tired and a little out-of-it.  He has medical treatments that he says really drain him (literally).  So, after letting him know how Very happy I am to see him, I just snuggle up tp him on the couch, put my head on his lap, and give him little kisses.  Soon he is smiling again, gets up, eats, and takes me on a walk.  See, that really wasn’t so hard.  All I did was be fully present with him and show him my care for him; and he got all better again, and I got a walk.  Be present for people who are not feeling well or are unhappy.  You don’t need to say a thing.  And, depending on who it is, you don’t even have to give little kisses; just be fully present with them while they go through whatever they are going through.  We are all healers.

Kelani, A.K.C.,   August 3, 2016

2 thoughts on “Life According to Kelani

  1. The love from a pet is constant and unconditional. We can learn a lot from animals of all kinds if we just take the time to be silent and “listen” to them.


    1. I have to thank you for bringing a lot of JOY to this day. Kelani is smarter than most people! Thank you for sharing her wisdom. She must have a smart daddy!


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