You are wholly complete and your success in life will be in direct proportion to your ability to accept this truth about you.   (Dr. Robert Anthony)

Many of us who have chronic illness develop a sense of being defective, or unworthy somehow.  It is as if we do not have the right or the ability to have a complete life and to receive good things.  This sense of inferiority is reinforced by some people in society.  I can still remember being a 4-year-old boy, newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and taking injections daily, when people in church would tell me that I must have been a very bad boy to have been struck by god with such a serious disease as a 4 year old.  Of course, when I cried and told my parents, my parents strongly refuted that idea; but it still stung very hard and very deep.

Most discrimination, condemnation, and judgment of the physically challenged is more subtle than the people of my childhood church; but despite being subtle, it leaves its mark on the soul of those who receive the discrimination.  What effect do you think it has when someone is unable to get any health insurance to receive life-saving care, and to have medical professionals tell you to choose between paying a huge medical bill or dying?  It says a lot about how much society values us when it has only been a few years since we have been able to receive health insurance; and it is now in threat of being taken away.  This is only one example of the potentially damaging messages that chronically ill people receive every day.

Many of our problems result from our own perceptions of ourselves.  We might feel guilty for having the illness.  We might perceive ourselves as weak.  Someone might fear success thinking that they are too inferior to handle the responsibility that comes with success.  People who have a distorted perception of themselves as being inadequate or somehow undeserving often do not see the good that is being presented to them, or turn away from it if they do see it coming.  Some people actually sabotage good things that have come into their lives.

We need to be active in overcoming any scars that have resulted from having chronic illness, so that we can recognize and accept and generate all the good things and blessings that come our way; and to stand at our full stature to perform the tasks that we are to perform.  Your creator wants you have an abundant, blessed, happy, fulfilling life.  Accept that life.  Generate that life with all the potential that you have inside and outside of you.

Search for any of your own perceptions that might be distorted (anything telling you that you are inadequate or undeserving).  Have confidence in the face of any person or institution that gives any message that you are not capable of having a happy, blessed life.  Generate affirmations that confirm your value and your ability, and the supernatural strength that comes to you from Higher Power.

You are strong in ways that physically healthy people are weak.  You have the determination to overcome challenges that most people do not ever have to face.  Stand at your full stature and deny anything that is not affirming of your worth and your ability.

You are deserving of good in your life, you were created for good, and you have the supernatural strength and support of a higher power.  Accept this gift.

Christopher Knippers, Ph.D.                                                 January 11, 20017

One thought on “Accept This Gift

  1. So many people have a hard time understanding the emotional rollercoaster that is a chronic illness no matter how “healthy” you may look. Your posts are opening up that world for others.

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